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People can often treat minor tongue lacerations at home, but lacerations longer than 2 cm may require sutures. Fine nonabsorbable suture material (e.
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  • Can also use large suture to pull tongue out, but put another hole in the tongue.
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    Mar 15, 2022 · This topic will discuss the evaluation and repair of tongue lacerations.

  • Suture tray.
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  • In some cases, tissue is taken from other parts of your body to create a new tongue.
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    To maintain the tongue in protrusion, it can be manually held with gauze, grasped with towel clamps, or held in protrusion by a large suture (e.

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    Accidental bites may occur during normal chewing, during seizures, or from a blow to the jaw (eg, from a fall, altercation, vehicle crash) when the tongue is between the teeth.

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